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Federal Budget Challenges

2022.03.15 – One of the main reasons government IT is bad is that it's chronically underfunded and also not funded in the right way. Here's why the Technology Modernization Fund alone is not enough to fix the challenges in the Federal Budget Process.

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2021.02.18 – GSA's identity service is now available to city and state governments! This is literally the biggest and most important govtech news to come out in the last five years!

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Presenting EOPbot

2021.01.25 – If you're like me, you may be having trouble keeping up with all the new Executive Orders and OMB Memos that the Biden Administration is putting out. To help, I've created a little bot to look for changes on specific pages of the White House website: @EOPbot!

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SEC IT & Security (SK-14)

2022.09.20 – We’ve got two openings in OIT here at the Securities & Exchange Commission. The first is for an IT Specialist on our Solutions Delivery team: Apply
The second is for an analyst on our Cybersecurity team. Closes 2022.10.03


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