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Bill Hunt
Washington, DC, US

Chief Enterprise Architect at the U.S. Small Business Administration.

Previously: #CloudSmart lead for OMB (The White House), USDS at the VA, Sunlight Foundation, OpenGov Foundation, etc. Enthusiastic about Transparency, Civic Tech, Open Data, and Tea. More about me.

Mysql, PHP: Internationalization

Jul 10, 2006

Oh, man. This was a toughie. What follows is an account of how to deal intelligently with foreign characters and data entry in PHP/MySQL.

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MySQL: The Having Clause

Jun 22, 2006

This one has been driving me crazy for years helpful site.

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OS X: Force mounting a drive partition

Jun 27, 2005

For once, it’s not my laptop that’s broken; it’s my external hard drive. For future reference, in OS X, if you encounter a drive partition that is recognized by the Disc Utility, but refuses to mount, try running these commands in the Terminal:

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