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Bill Hunt
Washington, DC, US

Chief Enterprise Architect at the U.S. Small Business Administration.

Previously: #CloudSmart lead for OMB (The White House), USDS at the VA, Sunlight Foundation, OpenGov Foundation, etc. Enthusiastic about Transparency, Civic Tech, Open Data, and Tea. More about me.

Fix for Adium Not Working with MSN Messenger Bug

Mar 24, 2009

For the last few months, I haven’t been able to use MSN Messenger with Adium. I’d log in, but it would just hang endlessly. Searching the bug reports was frustrating, and didn’t provide any insights. Today I found this obscure post which gives the solution. Apparently M$N changed the default connection settings without Adium making the change on their end to your account automatically. To resolve this, open the Preferences panel and Edit the account in question. Choose the Options tab (I didn’t even know this existed) and set Login Server to, Port to 80 and turn on (check) the Connect via HTTP box. Once you turn back on your account, everything should be working fine.

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Scriptaculous Sortable Create onUpdate Event Not Firing

Feb 10, 2009

I’ve been having trouble with a Scriptaculous sortable object that wasn’t catching the onUpdate function I’d assigned. In this case, I was using an UL for the parent with LIs inside. After digging into the code, I discovered that there are several criteria that must be for the actual items that are going to be sortable, or else the event won’t fire. These are:

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PHP Session Dropping Problem with IE 7

Jan 26, 2009

We were just struggling here at work with an insane problem where IE 7 (and ONLY IE 7) was dropping sessions for PHP. Literally, we would try a trivial test case of creating a session and a new session id (generated with the session_id() function) would appear each time. Checking the session_save_path showed that new sessions were being created each time. In the end, we discovered that IE 7 will not save session cookies if there is an underscore in the domain name. (Our development sites frequently have an underscore in the subdomain name – it’s amazing that we hadn’t found this out earlier.) We’ve replaced the underscore with a hyphen, and everything appears to work correctly.

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OS X’ Quarantine Resolution (“File Downloaded From The Internet”)

Aug 15, 2008

If you’ve had the pleasure of upgrading to 10.5, you may have noticed that OS X suddenly began acting like Windows. Whenever you download a file, it now prompts you with a message, asking if you really actually want to open the file. What possessed the fevered brains of the development team is beyond my comprehension. Well, yes, thank you, I downloaded the file for a pretty effing good reason and I’m rather sure that I want to open the file that I, myself, downloaded. I wasn’t just saving it for a special occasion.

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fbCal: the missing Facebook-Calendar bridge.

Jul 3, 2008

I just happened across fbCal, which allows you to subscribe to your Facebook birthday list and events directly in your favorite calendar app (iCal in my case).  If you’re as calendar-obsessed as myself, you should check it out!

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