Cool Govtech Jobs

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San Francisco Digital Services - Various Roles

2022.01.14 – The San Francisco Digital Services team is transforming how residents interact with the City by building services designed around the people that use them. They have a bunch of senior open roles including a content strategist, fullstack engineer, product manager, salesforce developer, etc.


Code for America - Vice President of Engineering (SF/Remote)

2023.02.02 – Code for America, one of the most well-known nonprofits in the civic tech space, is a very impactful organization that works nationally to improve access to benefits and help local governments. They are currently hiring for their VP of Engineering.


National Aeronautics and Space Administration - Chief Data Officer (SL)

2023.01.20 – SPACE! One of the coolest jobs in government, NASA is hiring for their Chief Data Officer. This is a non-supervisory role overseeing data policy and strategy for the agency, which includes things like implementation of the Evidence-Based Policymaking Act and Zero Trust (M-22-09). Closes 2023.02.20


Internal Revenue Service - Digital Content Specialist (GS 9-12)

2023.01.09 – The IRS is hiring for content specialists at a variety of levels! These positions do work in digital communications, content design, and content usability. Note the closing date here is this summer, but I’d expect it to close sooner, once all six slots are filled. Closes 2023.06.30


Department of the Interior - Chief Information Security Officer (SES)

2023.01.09 – Interior is hiring for their CISO role! As the top cybersecurity role at a cabinet agency, you’ll be responsible for not just the Department but overseeing security operations at Interior’s many bureaus as well, including Bureau of Land Management, Bureau of Indian Affairs, and the National Park Service. Interior has been one of my favorite agencies to work with over the years, and this is a great team to join! Closes 2023.02.10


Internet Society - Various Roles

2022.09.17 – The Internet Society works on open, global internet issues - they’re hiring for a variety of roles from technology to fundraising to project management.