USAJobs Listings

This is a list of all USAJobs postings that match all of the following criteria:

  • Job Code is 2210 (Information Technology Management), 1550 (Computer Science), or 1560 (Data Science)
  • Grade is at least GS 12 or equivalent
  • Is from a non-defense, non-law-enforcement civilian agency: No DOD, Justice Dept., or DHS (except for CISA & FEMA)
  • Was posted in the last two weeks (leaves out most “bulk hiring” actions that are open for many months)

The script I use to fetch these positions from the USAJobs API is available on GitHub.

For my curated list that also includes non-federal jobs, check out the main jobs page.

For an explanation of pay grades, term positions, the senior executive service, and other government-specific information, check out the Digital Policy Guide page on hiring.