All Job Listings

This is a list of all USAJobs postings that match all of the following criteria:

  • Job Code is 2210 (Information Technology Management), 1550 (Computer Science), or 1560 (Data Science)
  • Grade is at least GS 12 or equivalent
  • Is from a non-defense, non-law-enforcement civilian agency: No DOD, Justice Dept., or DHS (except for CISA & FEMA)
  • Was posted in the last two weeks (leaves out most “bulk hiring” actions that are open for many months)

The script I use to fetch these positions from the USAJobs API is available on GitHub.

Note: this list also includes non-federal civic tech and public interest jobs that caught my eye.

For my curated list, check out the main jobs page.

For an explanation of pay grades, term positions, the senior executive service, and other government-specific information, check out the Digital Policy Guide page on hiring.

All descriptions below are added by me, based on my knowledge of the agency and role as posted; this content is not from the original posts and as such there may be inaccuracies.


TechCongress - January 2024 Fellowships

TechCongress places computer scientists, engineers, and other technologists to serve as technology policy advisors to Members of Congress through their Senior Congressional Innovation Fellowship (mid-career), Congressional Innovation Fellowship (early-career), and the Congressional Digital Service Fellowship. Closes 2023.08.22