Move Carefully and Fix Things - Stickers

2021.02.04 – Well, my little post on joining government service attracted more attention than I ever would have expected! A lot of people had asked about stickers for the motto of that post, “Move Carefully and Fix Things.” So, I had a run of 2-inch stickers printed up - and they look pretty good! Now I want to give them to you for free! Photo of Move Carefully and Fix Things stickers

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Civic Tech Webring

2021.01.09 – The Civic Tech Webring is a collection of blogs dedicated to civic tech, public interest tech, government tech policy, and similar topics.



You may request your site to be added to the webring if it meets the following criteria:
  • The majority of the content must be relevant to the topics listed above.
  • The site must be a personal site, not for a business. If you’ve got your own consulting company or a book, that’s ok.
  • The primary content must be free and accessible. You may not require a user to login, create an account, or pay to view your posts.
  • Your site must have a working RSS feed of your posts that’s discoverable (link tag in the head or similar).
  • You must display the webring banner on your blog, preferably in the header or footer of each page.

How to Join

To join the webring, please open a request to add a new site through GitHub issues. After you’re approved, you’ll need to add the webring code to your website:

Adding the Banner

Self-Hosted Websites

You can show the webring on your site by pasting the following html snippet wherever you want it to appear:
  <script src=""></script>
If you’d like to disable the default styles, you can use this snippet instead:
  <script src=""></script>
(You can, of course, also download the webring.js file from GitHub and host it yourself, but it’ll be up to you to keep this file up-to-date as changes are made!)

Hosted Blogs

If you’re using a service to host your blog which does not allow JavaScript, you can use a static version instead, either on your bio and/or posts. Use the generator below to generate the html for your page:

Get your code:

How it will appear:

View and contribute to the code on GitHub.

Member Sites

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