Well, my little post on joining government service attracted more attention than I ever would have expected! A lot of people had asked about stickers for the motto of that post, “Move Carefully and Fix Things.” So, I had a run of 2-inch stickers printed up - and they look pretty good! Now I want to give them to you for free!

Photo of Move Carefully and Fix Things stickers

During pre-pandemic times, I’d just be going around handing these out at events. But today, it’s a lot harder for me to give these to everyone. I also have no interest in going into the sticker business, so I want to try something different. So here’s the deal:

I will send you a sticker, or two stickers, for free, anywhere in the world. Just email me your name & address at hello+movecarefully@billhunt.email and tell me if you want one or two stickers. That’s it!

I’m not asking for payment for the stickers - instead I want to keep spreading the love, by asking people to donate to a registered nonprofit doing direct service work. For this month, I’d like people to donate to The Human Utility, a fantastic charity which helps people to pay their water bills. If you make a donation, you don’t have to tell me about it, but if you do forward me a receipt, I’ll add it to the total on this page!

I do appreciate it if you do want to help me cover costs, and you can send me some money via Paypal or Venmo, but please don’t feel obliged to send me money. Any funds beyond my costs will be donated to the charity of the month!

If you want more than one or two stickers, I’m happy to send you more! Just donate directly to the charity listed above and forward me the receipt. If you want a massive amount of stickers, please email me directly and we can work something out - I’m happy to share the design files with people too (CC BY-NC of course).